Tell me your vision, and I’ll give it a future.

Hi, I’m Sarah. While I’m not a fortune teller, some would call me a style schemer.

… And, well, that’s pretty much the same thing.

By seeing things beyond the surface, I go all-in to bring your styling needs to life, marked with a signature, effortless aesthetic.

I break rules, buck trends and bend conventions. A philosophy that’s guided me through a rich and varied career.

My styling pursuits date back to the early 2000s, when I specialized in mid-century and modern renovation. Fashion was always in my periphery but it wasn’t until I realized my eye for balance and color wasn’t exclusive to interior design that I was able to parlay my skills into wardrobe, prop and set design.

It’s these well-rounded experiences that have shaped me into who I am today: a big-picture strategist with a knack to provide visual solutions. I employ my practical experience, ability to create without pretense and forward-thinking approach to give you the results you deserve.

I don’t come pretending to have all the answers; instead, I come curious and ready with questions like: What’s at the heart of your brand, and what does it stand for? If your brand doesn’t stand for something, it makes it hard to stand out.

That said, I strongly believe that brands and clients from all verticals have their own DNA. It’s my mission to tell your story from an aesthetic perspective.

I follow the etiquette on each occasion I’m brought into, but my keen eye and strong sense of self will relentlessly make its way through. I pride my personal style and aesthetic in being uncontrived.

Like an ill-fitting pair of jeans, if you have to force it, it probably isn’t the right fit.

Whether I’m creating looks for my clients on set, or out on location for a shoot, my talents, work ethic, and unassuming nature have gained me a wide range of clientele from Target, Maurices and Starwood to small businesses and personal clients.